Tinplate is very familiar words during our life because of its widely apply to numerous industries. So what is exactly tinplate? According to senior steel manufacturer with decade experience, concretely we will introduce tinplate that always is related to food industry, which based on its excellent food safe grade.

What is tinplate?

Tinplate, also called tin plate, is made of low carbon steel (normally consider as thin steel sheet) rolled into 2mm steel plate, which is processed by acid pickling, cold rolling, electrolytic deposition, cleaning and annealing, leveling and trimming. Finally, finished steel sheets process with a coating of tin applied either by dipping in molten metal or by electrolytic deposition.

Advantage of tinplate

In order to resist the corrosion, rust from acid-based fillers into the container of tinplate, tinplate products provide better protection and luster appearance by tin plating its thin steel sheet.

Usage of tinplate

Tinplate is widely used in food and beverage packaging, such as grease tank and chemical tank. The advantages and characteristics of tinplate protect the physical and chemical properties of filler. So it is safe to use during food industry. We can recommend you to use the following 5 kinds of tinplate correctly,

  • Plain interior, it is mainly referred to edible oils, and remembering it is not good at water-based, olive oil products.
  • Plain exterior, it is so favorable to use in dry environment according to tin plate industrial experience and standards.
  • Lacquered interior, it will be applied to water based products, olive oil and so on. So conscientiously suggest from us to all buyers according to demand of filler.
  • White exterior, it often uses for cans printed like white base coating of outer of tinplate containers.
  • Varnish exterior, it is really excellent to against oxidation of container due to wet environment.

Specification of Tinplate

According to tinplate products first grade, we must fabricate the tinplate meet to the requirement which tinplate is without the flaws such as pinholes for thickness pierce through steel plate, deviation of exceeding standard thickness, affected pits and wrinkles and rust, defect in shape. Generally, it will be divided into two types,

  • Equal thickness tin plate
  • Differential thickness tin plate

20in×14in 112 pieces,

28in×20in 56 pieces,

30in×20in 49 pieces,

One base box equals to 31360in2, then equals to 20.2324 m2.