Steel Sheet

We could offer good quality steel sheet, steel plates products because of the fame of top sheet metal manufacturer in China involving in steel industry with more than decade experiences. We have exported wide range of steel products to oversea steel markets. As inside and senior steel expert, we would suggest you more about steel sheet if you plan to purchase quality steel sheet products.

What is steel sheet?

Sheet metal is a flat steel sheet formed by industrial process. Sheet steel is one of the basic forms used in metal processing, which can be cut and bent into various shapes.

Often we distinguish the steel sheet and steel plate by its thickness. Steel sheet is any metal thicker than foil and 6mm thinner than metal plate. Steel sheet are often used in buildings that do not require durability

Advantages of steel sheet

  • Cold rolled steel sheet – It has good stamping performance, smooth surface and excellent processing performance.
  • Hot-rolled steel sheets – Under normal conditions, hot rolled steel plate has higher mechanical properties than cold rolled steel plate. After heat treatment, the tensile strength, plasticity, yield strength and toughness of steel will be improved. In addition, heat treatment can eliminate residual stress.
  • Galvanized steel sheet and plate – has good stamping, manufacturing and other process properties and finish, and its galvanized layer is closely combined with the base steel, with good rust prevention, corrosion resistance and other properties.
  • Galvannealed steel sheet – It is harder than steel plates with conventional zinc coating because a hot-dipped process of steel sheet, then zinc-iron alloy can ensure its excellent surface hardness.

Usage of steel sheet

For usage of steel sheets, at the first we have to consider about its types. Commonly it is divided into hot-rolled steel sheet and cold rolled steel sheets. For cold-rolled sheet, it is used in household appliances such as automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines, industrial equipment and various construction materials. With the development of economy, cold rolled steel sheet has become an indispensable material in modern society.

Specification of steel sheet

As a trusted steel sheets and plates factory in China, we can produce and supply steel sheets in different specifications according to the requirements of different foreign steel purchasers. We offer metric and EN standards. In general, the following common size and standards range are,

DIN 1016: Hot-rolled strips and hot-rolled sheets,

DIN 1543: Hot-rolled sheet or plate, since 3 mm to 150 mm thickness,

EN 10 029: Hot-rolled steel plates 3 mm thickness or above,

EN 10 051: Continuously hot-rolled strip and plates sheets cut from wide strip of non-alloy and alloy steels

EN 10 259: Wide strip and plate, sheet made of stainless steel