Square Steel Pipes

We, as trusted and leading steel manufacturer in China, ensure that square steel pipes are manufactured to high quality standards to meet the different needs of overseas buyers. Plan to source quality square steel pipes and tubes? List the important tips below, then you may choose proper square steel tube by following:

What is square steel tube?

Square steel pipes tube is a kind of steel tube which is made by rolling steel strip. Generally, its concrete methods of forming is that the strip steel is unpacked, leveled, curled, welded to form a steel round pipe, and then rolled into a square pipe by the round pipe.

Advantages of square steel tubes

  • Square tubes have a very wide range of outside diameter and wall thickness dimensions. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications and needs.
  • Compared with other types of mechanical pipe, square pipe has less treatment, so it can provide a cost advantage for less demanding applications.
  • Cold forming makes the square tube have higher yield strength and tensile strength than the square tube. This allows the material to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and destructive factors.

Usage of square steel tube

Square steel tube is broadly applied to numerous industries such as Housing construction, Machinery manufacturing, Projects about steel construction, Automobile manufacturing and shipbuilding, Solar panel mounting frame, steel structure engineering, electric power engineering and power plants, agricultural and chemical machinery, etc.

Steel square tubes are classified according to their uses: Square tubes for decoration, Square steel tubes for machine tools, Square tubes for mechanical industry, Square tubes for chemical industry, Square tubes for steel structure, Square tubes for shipbuilding, Square tubes for automobiles, Square tubes for steel beams and columns, Square tubes for special purposes.

Specification of square steel tubes

As for the common specifications and standards of square steel pipes tubes, we provide various specifications and standards to meet the needs of most overseas buyers of square steel tubes.

  • Material: Q195, Q235, SS330, S185, SS400, S235JR
  • Standard: BS1387, GB/T13793-2001, ASTM A53-2007
  • D (Nominal Outer Diameter): 15*15-400*400mm
  • Wall Thickness: 0.5-20mm