Spiral Steel Pipes

For spiral steel pipe, we may offer you quality spiral pipes with wide range application. According to our decade experience of steel industry in China, we will consciously guide you how to choose quality spiral welded pipes. Following is related detail you have to know,

What is Spiral steel pipe?

The application of spiral pipe in industry, also known as spiral steel pipe or spiral welded pipe, is to roll low carbon structural steel and low alloy steel strip into steel pipe according to certain spiral angle, and then weld into pipe joint.

Advantages of Spiral steel pipes

  • First, spiral welded pipes have higher strength than straight welded pipes.
  • Second, according to the tests of relevant research institutions in the United States, although the spiral welded pipe and the straight welded pipe (ERW steel pipe) are at the same level, the spiral welded pipe has high impact toughness.
  • Third, the spiral pipe tube has high fatigue strength as well as the seamless steel tube’s and the electric resistance welded steel tube’s.
  • Fourth, the dimensions are accurate, the diameter tolerance is less than 0.12%, the deflection is less than 1/2000, and the ellipse is less than 1%.
  • Fifth, under the same pressure conditions, the stress of the spiral weld is lower than that of the straight weld, which is 75% to 90% of the stress of the straight seam welded pipe, and can withstand higher pressure.

Usage of Spiral steel pipe

For the use of spiral welded pipe, the first welding method is an important reference, such as arc welded pipe, high frequency or low frequency resistance welded pipe, gas welded pipe, furnace welded pipe or Bondi pipe. Often spiral steel pipes are used in:

  • Liquid transportation: water supply, drainage, oil transportation, etc.
  • Gas transmission: gas, steam, LPG, gas, etc.
  • Structure: pile, bridge, wharf, road, building structure, etc.

Specification of Spiral steel pipes

For wide range of spiral pipes’ specification and substrate standards, It could be referred below,

Q235A, Q235B, 10#, 20#, Q345(16Mn);

L245(B), L290(X42), L320(X46), L360(X52), L390(X56);

L415(X60), L450(X65), L485(X70), L555(X80);

L290NB/MB (X42N/M), L360NB/MB (X52N/M), L390NB/MB (X56N/M), 415NB/MB (X60N/M);

L450MB(X65), L485MB(X70), L555MB(X80).

SSAW pipes with diameter: 21 9mm to 2200 mm,

SSAW pipes wall thickness: since 6 mm to 25 mm.